Shio lottery in 2019

Shio lottery in 2019

Now the zodiac lottery game has been most popular in mainland Asia, which you can see for yourself that the online lottery game has returned to the golden era of this lottery game.

Even now, to listen to the popularity, this game in Asia now has a new betting variation which will certainly attract the attention of Asian players, where the name of the betting variation is the zodiac lottery.

Shio lottery

For Asians, this zodiac word is certainly no longer a foreign factor. This is because this zodiac sign is part of the culture of Asian society, which helps them to recognize a person’s age and life path based on Feng Shui.

This is what is practiced in the zodiac lottery game, which for this betting variation is identical to the zodiac culture itself. In this shio lottery variation, you will find a number of animal options that are equivalent to those in this zodiac culture.

The names of the animals include:

1. Rat

2. Buffalo

3. Tiger

4. Rabbit

5. Dragon

6. Ular

7. Kuda

8. Goats

9. Monkey

10. Chicken

11. Dogs

12. Pigs

This division is practiced for shio culture, where Asian society is now divided into 12 Shios based on the year of its birth. You Can Plat it very easy with : Togel Hongkong .

How to Bet

As I have said, this zodiac lottery then players only need to choose 1 of the twelve zodiac animals. Later for this game, you only need to pay attention to the two nominal results that are in the head and tail position. Then the two amounts will be combined and matched for the zodiac table in the year you placed the bet.

So, for those of you who want to play it in 2019, then you can pay attention to it in the following table:

After you match it, then you only need to pay attention to what animal the nominal appears for. So, if the nominal result that appears is an animal that is equivalent to your option, then you will succeed in winning for this zodiac bet.

Example of the Toto Shio Game

In this zodiac lottery you put it for a dragon animal, which turns out to be the nominal result that appears is 1256.If we listen to the nominal for the position of the head and tail, then the nominal that becomes the benchmark is 56.

If you look at the zodiac table above, the nominal 56 is for dragon animals. Because it is equal to your options, then you have managed to win for this bet.