Types of online soccer bets on the Sbobet site

Types of online soccer bets on the Sbobet site

You must already know what the sbobet site is, an agent that provides various types of online gambling that can be played.

The sbobet site itself has been operating for a long time since 2008, and has been known by various gamblers.

For that, don’t be surprised if you often meet people who are opening this site wherever you are.
There are lots of people in Indonesia who play online gambling through this site. Because this site is very safe to play and of course you will feel comfortable playing with this site.

Because this site can guarantee players can make bets wherever and whenever the players are.

This is why this site is so popular in Indonesia, generally for gamblers who often play online gambling.
It is true that there are many types of games that players in Indonesia can play.

Types of Football Betting

But the most common type of game played by gamblers in Indonesia is ball betting.

Because there are so many players who support their favorite team while competing.
Plus if there are players who like to play soccer gambling bets, so they play this type of bet.

There are many types of soccer game bets that you can play on LaguTogel.

So that you can get a big advantage in playing every type of bet provided.

Popular Types of Ball Betting

In the following I will tell you what types of soccer bets are provided by the sbobet site which is often played.

So that you can get to know him and also be able to take advantage of each bet later. Some of the types of soccer bets provided are:


The first type of soccer bet is called a handicap, with a way to play it that is easy for all players to understand. This type of bet is the most common and most often played by every gambler in Indonesia.

How to play this type of bet itself is very easy, that is, you determine the greeting of the team that you are championing.
The team you choose must win so that you can only get big profits later.

The way to play it is that there are Furans that will be given by several teams. This Furan is provided by this sbobet site itself and cannot be changed.
For example, there is a match between Manchester City vs Manchester United with furan 0.00 which means leg leg.

If any of the players choose Manchester United as the bet and the match is won by Manchester United.

Then the player who chooses Manchester United will win on this bet type.
Besides the 0.00 furan or leg leg, there are also other furan such as Manchester City -1 which means the team gives fur 1 ball to the opposing team.

If the score is 0-2 which is won by Manchester United, then the Manchester United team will win in full in this bet.

Conversely, if the score is 0-0 until the match is over, the player who has installed Manchester City will win in full because there are no goals created by Manchester United.


Furthermore, there is the 1 × 2 bet type, which is also very often played by gamblers in Indonesia. This 1 × 2 bet type itself has its own meaning, such as:
● 1 is the same as home.
● x is equal to draw.
● 2 is the same as away.
The players must determine what happens in the match that has been selected later.

For example, whether in the match the home team wins, the away team wins, or even draws in the sense that no one wins.

So you have to be right when playing this type of bet, because this type of bet can give you a big profit.
In this type of bet, HT 1 × 2 and FT 1 × 2 are available, so decide what you want to bet later.

Mix Parlay

Furthermore, there is the Mix Parlay bet type, which only uses a small amount of capital you can get big profits.

This type of bet is also very busy played by every player on the Sbobet site. Because this type of bet can provide many benefits with just a little capital.
But it can be said that playing this type of bet is not easy to win. You have to predict correctly what match you will place.

The minimum match placement in this bet type is 3 matches with a stake of 25 thousand.

Later there will be Odds given to each match that you can play with 2 other matches. For example:
● Arsenal VS Bayern Munchen (-0.50) @ 1.98
● Manchester City VS Juventus (-.25) @ 2.03
● Barcelona VS Celta Vigo (0.25) @ 1.18
All the odds in the match you all play and there will be the amount.

Like 1.98 × 2.03 × 1.18 = 4,742, so if the matches that you all win, multiply by the amount of capital you have installed.

For example 25 × 4,742 = 118.55, this amount is deducted by the capital that you put in 25 thousand to be 93.55. So what you get from this bet is 93.55 thousand, very large isn’t it.
But if everything is correct, and for if there is 1 match to lose then this bet will either be lost or finished.

So the players have to better determine whether the match placed will win or not.


Enter a type of soccer bet that is also very easy for beginners to play, namely Odd / Even.

Which if interpreted as odd or even, where the players must determine the number of goals scored. Whether the number of goals from both teams until the match is odd or even.
● If the player chooses an odd number, then in the match 3 goals are scored then you win in this bet.
● If the player chooses even, then in that match there are only 3 goals scored then you lose.
Then you just decide you want to choose Odd / Even for every match on this sbobet site.

Correct Score

Furthermore, there is the correct score bet, which requires the players to guess the score that happened correctly.

The prizes of this type of bet are also very large so you can get a big profit.

This type of bet you have to guess the goals that occur to the 2 teams that are competing.
You have to determine the number of goals from the two teams, if you are correct in your guess.

Then you will get a big win from this type of bet. For example, there is a match between Barcelona vs Liverpool.

Then you have to guess the final result of the match.
If you guess the Barcelona team scored 3 goals and Liverpool scored 2 goals, namely 3-2. .